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Bowler Experience

Fulfil your off-road competition ambitions without purchasing a rally race car

Bowler Experience

Enabling customers, experienced competitors and amateurs with aspirations to fulfil their off road competition potential and ambitions, is embedded in Bowler’s DNA.

New for 2019, Bowler is utilising its extensive expertise and experience to offer ‘Arrive & Drive’ packages for those who would like to compete in a Rally Raid race, but prefer not to purchase a car of their own.

Competing with Bowler as part of the Factory team, as an Arrive & Drive customer in a rented and fully supported Bowler Bulldog race car, provides one of the best opportunities to fulfil your off-road adventure competition ambitions and reach the finish line safely with the best experience possible.

Race events require different licence requirements, and rental and race support packages vary in price and options for different races.

For more information about Bowler’s Arrive & Drive packages, please get in touch.